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In my recent years, particularly after the pandemic, I realized that people are coming to me with various questions or queries which when thought in a calm mind, gets to the point of being not happy with the present earning, they have, through work, saving or any other instrument.

To make things simpler, I produced few questions and started asking to the ones looking for a way out…

Questions which came in my mind

How many hours do you work per week?

Do you feel like you’re working enough hours?

Do you have any extra money coming in from side hustles or investments?

What are your current monthly expenses?

What are your financial goals for the future?

Are you happy with your current earnings?

Are you happy with the amount of money you have saved in your bank account?

Are you happy with the amount of money you have invested?

If you could double your existing wealth, how would you do it?

Do you have any debt? If so, what kind of debt do you have?

Are you comfortable with your current financial situation?

If not, what would you like to change?


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