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Hey , it’s Uttio here – your Parenting Coach. Before starting this course, more than 3000 parents came to me and asked how to stop shouting at their kids and make them understand what is being expected from them. They told me that every time they yelled, they would feel sad, guilty, and “like a bad parent”…

That even shouting sometimes doesn’t work anymore, so they need to use threats and punishments (because they see no other way)…

You don’t WANT to shout at your kids

But you do it because nothing else works.

Because you’re in a hurry to get to work, sleep or a doctor’s appointment.

Because you’re tired and impatient after a long day of work, taking care of the family or a sleepless night.

Because they just don’t follow your instructions even though you ask them nicely.

Yes, by shouting at your kids, you might get what you want…

But at a cost.

You feel horrible.


Like a bad parent.

Why can’t things just be different?

Why can’t you just have a “normal” family?

Why does parenting have to be so hard and draining?

You just want a happy family that gets along well…

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Double Your

Child’s Score

The old is not always the gold, particularly the way we need to deal with our children now a days, keeping them motivated and responsible for doing their homework on time.  If your child is regular on it, no need to read further.

In last 20 years or so, I heard the following many a times

My child was good in younger days, but now, sorry can’t even think

She tells that going to school is a waste. Teachers are useless

He forgot our faces may be, always busy with his mobile

In the blink of an eye, my child is telling lies. We both are clueless.

Even before asking, she is sharing the marks of the guy who got less than her,  in the exams

Unnecessarily putting blame on others and giving us false promises for the time being

After deep thinking, giving respect to the conventional methods and the well-intended advice from the peers,

I devised a method, which will make almost every student double their academic scores by studying less

Getting into the learning zone earlier

Use an age-old but unknown technique

Memorization and implementation tactics

Use the mobile as and when required

Figure out the gaps using scientific diagnostic tool

And more……


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