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Before even diving deep into this topic, myself, Uttio – your Mid-Career Consultant wants to share with you a simple but thought-provoking situation.

So re-read the situation, if required, and then keep the answer in your mind.

Hope this will be a good way to start…..

How many times you took the unwanted pleasure of itching a mosquito bite ?


May be uncountable times, but have you realized that every time, you were satisfying yourself as the heat of the situation demanded, but it could have created a long-term damage already.

If not yet realized the damage, I am trying to talk about, well, you still have the scope. The scope, the chance to revamp and reboot your professional life.

Aha! I will share the pathway to your professional success (not for freshers though) – the hacks behind ‘Pro-Motion’ on a regular basis.

A small glimpse of the course touchpoints for your reference….

1.Check your Career Suitability through Psychometric Analysis

2.The first or next  (10 + 90) days at work

3.Make your office politics play the cards in your favour

4.Be comfortable and confident towards human negotiation skills at all levels.

5.Cut off the losses – a new mental setup.

6.Get Noticed.

I know, variables are much more, than can be thought of, but my experience of 22+ years and your experience, when clubbed together, may make your career wheels move upwards and onwards.

If yet not clear, if something more to discuss and share…..


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